Interior painting requires commitment and thorough preparation to achieve impressions that will last.  At J&P Burkett Ltd, Painters and Specialised Applicators, we understand this and take full responsiblity of your project from start to finish.  From just one room to an entire house or office, our expertise shines.  During a work contract we will always protect your home including your wood floors, carpets and furniture etc...  We will leave your premises neat and tidy on completion.

A fresh coat of exterior paint is a terrific way to give your home or business a "face lift".  It repels weather, protects the investment you've made in your property and adds appeal to buyers if you've decided to sell.
At J&P Burkett Ltd, Painters and Specilised Applicators, we take the right steps to prepare your house or business for painting and always use the right techniques, which we've learnt from years of experience.  We will help make sure that you wind up with beautiful results that also last a long time.

Commercial / Industrial:

Looks matter, and appearance dictates the very first impression anyone will have of both you and your business.  We live in an image conscious world and you can't afford to look second best.  J&P Burkett Ltd, Painters and Specialised Applicators can make sure that your business presents itself in the best possible way.